About Mere Days

This website was built to simply allow LAN party community members to verify the calling of a new Mere status for an event. We’ve all seen the forum debates about whether the call was made too early or incorrectly. It can get quite ugly at times, even personal. But that isn’t in the spirit of Mere. It should be a celebration of the closeness of the next event. It’s our hope that participants will get a warm excited feeling on hearing a new level of Mere has been reached.


  • Website: Alex ‘RocketKnight’ Pheysey
  • S.O.D.D.O.M.: Mark ‘Elbonio’ Tilbrook
  • Expansion: Gregg ‘Cabe’ Bond
  • Metric and Imperial Mere: Robin ‘RTO’ Oldham
  • Naturalist Mere: Deborah ‘Strych’ Cutchey

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